lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

Keep high school seniors stress-free

Good morning. The hit movie High School Musical 3: Senior Year deals in part with students' anxiety about parting with each other after graduation. If there's a high school senior in your family, it's unlikely that he or she will handle their fears by singing and dancing with abandon, which is probably just as well because it might prove a bit disruptive in a real-life school.

But there are other, if less entertaining, ways to address these anxieties. The site wikiHow offers students advice on how to make the most of this last year that includes taking photographs and collecting mementos. That page links to another about dealing with all the "lasts" of senior year. One tip is to keep in mind all the "firsts" that are ahead.

An article from Ronald E. McNair High School in Stockton, Calif., gives tips on how to reduce stress in your senior year, such as writing all your tests and tasks in a planner to help keep track of them.

There's also help for parents. A group called Mothers of Freshman helps the moms of college freshmen deal with the issues that come up both for themselves and their children.

If, after exploring all these options, your student still feels the siren call of musical theater, there are 49.4 million sites that respond to the search "learning how to stage a musical." And U.S. News & World Report lists performance arts colleges' tuition and freshmen retention rates. Who knows? A star might be born.

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