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high School Musical' dominates Oscar song eligibility list

high School Musical' dominates Oscar song eligibility list
Last year, the best song race at the Academy Awards was loaded with Disney's "Enchanted," which scored three nominations. The studio has a chance to dominate again this year, as 11 songs from "High School Music 3: Senior Year" have made the Oscar eligibility list for best original song.

The Academy has shifted the rules, allowing a film to have only two nominated songs amid the final five, but 11 of the 49 songs eligible for Oscar consideration come from the Disney musical. Two hail from Disney's recently released "Bolt" -- the Golden Globe-nominated "I Thought I Lost You," sung by Miley Cyrus, as well as "Barking at the Moon," from local star Jenny Lewis. Among the other Disney songs eligible include selections from "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian," and "Wall-E."

Voting for the Oscar song race will occur on Jan. 6, when the Academy will screen the clips from the eligible films in New York and Los Angeles. Unlike last year, those unable to attend can vote via a mail-in ballot and will be provided a DVD copy of the songs, upon request.

All the heavy hitters are present, from Bruce Springsteen ("The Wrestler," from the film of the same name) to Beyonce ("Once in a Lifetime," from "Cadillac Records") to Peter Gabriel ("Down to Earth," from "Wall-E").

So what's missing? Dance rockers LCD Soundsystem won't be appearing on the Oscar stage, as the act's "Big Mistake" from "21" isn't on the below list. Nor are indie rockers Vampire Weekend, who had a song, "Ottoman," from "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist."

To be considered, a song had to be submitted and then meet the Academy's requirements -- original words and music written specifically for a film, with an audible and substantive rendition of lyrics and melody used in either the film or in the first cue in the end credits.

A full list of eligible songs is below, courtesy of the Academy.

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